Multiple Tooth Extractions with Immediate Denture Insertion

dentures after multiple tooth extractionsYou have just been told by your dentist you need multiple tooth extractions because several of your teeth are beyond saving. This is not the greatest news to receive from your dentist, yet you can take comfort in knowing there is no need for you to worry about the procedure or how you will look afterward. The procedure itself is quite straight forward and you will not have to go even one day with a toothless grin.

Your Dentist Discovers You Need Multiple Tooth Extractions

Once your dentist has determined that several teeth need to be extracted, an impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to the lab so that a temporary set of dentures can be made for you. The lab will receive instructions as to which teeth will be removed so they can make the proper adjustments to your dentures. After about two weeks, once you have had a consultation with Dr Loschiavo and your dentures are ready, you will go to Dr. Loschiavo for your appointment.

The Procedure with Dr. Loschiavo

Again, the procedure for multiple tooth extractions is very straight forward. Once the area is numb, Dr. Loschiavo will remove the teeth and clean out any infection present and then close the area with sutures. Immediately afterward, Dr Loschiavo will place your temporary dentures. You will wear the dentures overnight and see your dentist the next day for any needed adjustments.

Follow Up

Wearing your temporary dentures immediately after surgery not only allows you to look good and chew properly, but also promotes healing and helps hold the tissue in position as it heals. A putty like substance is placed between the healing gum tissue and the dentures. This putty holds the dentures in place, provides comfort, and also facilitates the healing process. Once the surgical site is completely healed and all the swelling is down, you can be fitted for a permanent set of dentures or dental implants.

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